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The Shoe Salesman

by Mickey (Daddy) Ray

Mickey (Daddy) Ray

***A reminder that "My Boy Toy" is copyrighted and is the exclusive property of Mickey Ray, AKA "Daddy", of Artistic Affairs in Binghamton, NY. The author may be contacted by email at sirdad@stny.rr.com.  "My Boy Toy" may not be used, edited or altered, directly or indirectly, in part or in whole, for any commercial purposes without express permission from the author.

 The content is adult, sexual reading material which is primarily homoerotic in nature, contains particular sexual fetishes and is meant for entertainment purposes only. The author takes no responsibility for illegal accessing of this material to minors. All characters are fictional and any similarities of names or personalities with real persons are purely coincidental. Today, things being what they are, the author neither approves nor condones unsafe sex. ~ Daddy

I'd been sitting in my lounge chair, my workday over, and reminiscing. I recalled his handsome face. He was smiling a wonderful smile as I tenderly removed his left foot from the gizmo we use to measure for shoe size. I could clearly hear my voice speaking to him as I replayed our encounter in my mind.


"Actually, sir, you could probably fit in a smaller size shoe than you've been wearing, but your feet do seem a bit swollen. Here, I'll help circulate the blood by giving your feet a massage!"


"Let me situate my little stool here. Okay, that's it. Just rest your right foot here in my lap while I rub it for you.


"Oh no, it's no bother. It's my pleasure to see my customers happy. It's all part of the service. Besides, I do this for my own boys at home when they visit their dad. It's an art, you know.


"Feels good, doesn't it? You have a very well defined foot from what I can see with your black socks on. Quite a naturally pronounced and high instep. I'll bet you must do a lot of running or jogging right?


"Tennis, hand-ball and jai alai, too? Pretty impressive. I hope you wear the appropriate sports shoes for each activity? Good. I'm glad to hear it!


"Smell? No, not that I noticed. Here, let me lift your foot up a minute! Nope. Nothing out of the ordinary, you smell fine. You obviously made sure to clean your feet before you came here, right?


"I don't believe it! Not since this morning's shower, and you've played a set of hand-ball during your lunch today? That's amazing! Your socked feet feel toasty warm and only slightly damp and there's no strong odor. Believe me, working here I'm pretty much an expert and I've smelled them all. I'm really impressed on how you can be so athletic, on your feet so much and barely break a sweat or create a noticeable odor.


"Pictures? Sure, let me see them. Oh, is that you? What a difference there is from how you look sitting here in your suit and tie, to how you look in your tennis shorts. You're deceptively muscular under your business clothes. I suppose, besides all that sports activity, you work out as well?


"Oh yes, it really shows! And this is you at the beach? Whoa, that's some swim suit! Not much material in that thing, is there?


"Oh! Sorry. A little tender there? I'll rub a little easier there. Probably a little strain. How's that? Putting you to sleep, am I? Ha, ha.


"Did you know there are massages to the feet that can relax the whole body. No, I'm not kidding. The feet and toes have a lot of nerve endings. There are spots, if rubbed correctly, that can get your partner all sexed up as well!


"Oh, yes! It works for women AND men! With a guy, it's practically instant hard-on!


"Well, sure, I could show you how it's done, sir, but I don't think here in the store would be an appropriate place for you to suddenly be parading an erection.


"Yes, I thought you'd agree with me. It would be a bit embarrassing, I'm sure.


"Teach you? Oh, I'm sure I could teach you how it was done and then, of course, you could teach your wife how to do it for you.


"You're not married? But I couldn't help notice your wedding ring, sir.


"Hah, hah! Yeah, I used to do that too, just to keep them from coming up to me at a bar and having to say 'no thanks' without hurting anyone's feelings.


"Where else could I show you my technique? Well, I suppose, if it's not inconvenient, you could come over to my place. Here, let me have the other foot.


"Mind? No, I don't mind at all. I'm by myself now, my loved one's deceased and my boys have their own homes, so I'd enjoy the company. My name's ____ ____, by the way. and yours?


"Well, hello ____ ____! It's nice to meet you. Your card? Oh, thanks. Just set it by me while I finish up with your left foot here. I really can't get over your high instep. It does indeed give your foot a very handsomely defined shape."


"Well, I leave work in about an hour. Here's my card, why don't you call me in about two hours and let me know if you still want to come over. My address is right there on the card. Do you live in the area? Terrific.


"Okay, it looks like what little swelling you had has gone down. Oh wait, let me check something. Hmmm. Just as I thought, your other foot has no more or less odor the one I sniffed before. Amazing! Well, let's try on those oxfords, shall we. Ah! Perfect!


"Your welcome. Ah, do you drink? Fine. I'm a bourbon man myself. Well, I look forward to hearing from you, ___. I think you'll be very surprised how easy it all is to learn the technique.


"Practice on me? Well, I suppose you'd have to, just to see if you know how to do it right. No, I don't mind at all. It will be a nice change. I massage so many others, it'll be nice to have it done for a change.


"You bet. See you later. No, just pay the cashier on your way out, ____. Later!


Part II


I could hardly contain myself when just over two hours of getting home from my job at the shoe store, my phone rang and I heard the voice of my handsome customer.


"Hello? Oh, hi ___! Sure, come on over. No, I have plenty of bourbon and beer if you like. Fine. I'll see you in twenty!"


Barely fifteen minutes later, my doorbell rang and I invited ____ into my home. He was wearing skin-tight jeans that left nothing to the imagination. My guess was he wore boxer shorts or had nothing on underneath.


"Please, have a seat. Sure, the sofa's fine.


"I see you've changed your clothes, you look a lot more comfortable in jeans and tank-top. Yeah, it's been a very hot summer. Got on your Nikes I see.


"You jogged over here? But as I recall, from your address on the card you gave me, you live nearly five miles from here. You don't seem even slightly out of breath!


"That's incredible. You really are physically fit. Would you prefer bourbon or a cold beer? Sure, you can have both. One cold beer and a bourbon chaser coming up! I think I'll join you.


"While I go fix our drinks, why don't you slip out of your Nikes and let your toes stretch out on the oversized ottoman in front of you. Do you want ice with that bourbon. No?


"There. That didn't take very long, did it? Here you go. One cold beer....and bourbon. I poured a double, that's all right isn't it?


"Oh, no. It won't make any difference on the effect of the foot massage. Drink up all you like! I'll just sit here on the ottoman by your socked feet, since I'll be massaging them soon anyway.


" I see you have thick, gray wool socks on. Interesting. Most people wear white with sneakers.


"No, they look fine and again, I still don't notice any major odor. And...just slightly damp. Even more impressive since you're wearing sneakers and were jogging! Oh, it's a little more noticeable, but that's to be expected. It's not a sour smell.... sweet, actually.


"Ha, ha! No, I'm not trying to kid you. I mean it. You've got exceptionally good looking feet and your blessed with the addition that you don't have a tendency to quickly odor. You're a non-smoker, aren't you. That can effect your body's odors as well.


"Me? Well, it's hard to say. I mean, you rarely notice your own smells. Oh, I suppose there have been times when after removing my socks I noticed a pretty heavy smell. But it was my own smell, so I can't say it bothered me.


"Well, sure, I can take my shoes off. Yes, I remember you said you would try my technique on me to be sure you learned it correctly.


"There. How's that? Yeah, I like black socks on me. I have a wide foot and they make my feet look a bit thinner. I suppose it's a bit silly to care one way or the other, but I guess I take my work home with me and I know what I like to see.


"Well, how's the bourbon and beer?


"Good. Glad to hear it. Well, shall I begin your education on how to make a man aroused with just a foot massage?


"At the same time? Well, that might be awkward. Why don't I get started on you so you can just feel what's happening. We can then wait a few minutes until you loose your erection and then I'll bring my foot up and you can try it on me while I do it to you again.


"Ah, I'm a little embarrassed to mention it and I hope you don't mind, but you may want to take your jeans off and just sit in your shorts. A sudden erection could be uncomfortable in the confines of tight pants.


"No underwear? Oh. Well, I guess that's all right too. I don't mind if you don't. I mean, if you'd be more comfortable I'm sure I have something you can put on.


"No, no problem. I'm glad that it's not necessary. It's good that you're so comfortable about your body and being naked in front of someone you hardly know. A lot of ....holy cow! Well no wonder you're not shy! Christmas! I'd be mighty proud to sport something as big as that thing too! Just how big is that?"


"No, I believe you! It looks like nine inches. And you're not even hard!


"Oh, don't go modest, now. You know you've got a big one there!


"Me? Oh, sure, I'll get undressed, but I'll stay in my shorts, if you don't mind. I think my poor six and a half inches would look pretty sad next to that monster!


"There. Down to tee-shirt, black socks and briefs. Now, let me refill your drinks and I'll get started with the massage.


"Here you go. To your health! Now, put your feet between my knees on the ottoman here. That's it. No, you don't have to remove your socks. It won't make any difference. Now, I'll be using both hands, creating opposite pressures. First, we get you more relaxed, then we get you all worked up. I'll relax you massaging both feet, one after the other. I'll only need one foot for the other part.


"Either one. Let's start with the right foot. I'm starting out by holding your foot just as if I were holding a sandwich. You feel my thumbs under the heavy pads jus below your toes? Next I bring my thumbs in so one rests above the other and I'm beginning to push against the sole of your foot, gently, in an easy up and down motion, drawing my hands up and down on your foot at the same time. How's that? Nice and easy, nice and easy.


"Now I'll work on your toes, using steady firm pressure so as not to tickle. Every toe gets some attention.


"Your high instep creates the illusion your foot is smaller than what it is. Very nice looking. You could model socks for any magazine! Well, with how you look, I guess you could model period. Now, just sit back. Feel that? Kind of a warm feeling, isn't it, like someone pouring warm oil inside your foot?


"And this? Feel your muscles relaxing throughout your body? This area, that I'm rubbing now, controls the lower back, now higher, higher yet. This pressure point sends messages to your arms. Nice?


"Feeling relaxed? Good.


"I'll just go over to your other foot and repeat what I've done on your right foot.


"Sure, you can drink your bourbon. It will only add to the relaxation.


"Cheers to you too! How does this feel? Can you move your right foot a little further away?


"Oh! Ooh. No, you didn't hurt me. It was just a shock feeling your other foot brush against my crotch.


"Yes, I know I asked you to move it. No, it's all right there. Don't worry about it. Just relax and enjoy. There! That's it. Mmmm. Your left foot's a little tenser. How's that? Amazing, isn't it?"


"Well now, are you ready for part two? Just feel it for now, and I'll explain later as you repeat the process on my foot, okay? Just...rub...these...two...points in ...small circles in a clockwise direction...towards the heart...and...


"Damn! I guess it's having its effect alright! Your dick's beginning to thicken and stretch. Now, watch this....


"Boing! What did I tell you. Ha! Christ, it looks like a flagpole!


"You don't believe it? Well, there it is, bigger than life and still stretching! Looks like you've gone up to eleven inches with that thing! No, don't touch it, just watch as I move to another spot.


"Incredible, isn't it? Each time I press this spot, your cock pulses and pumps blood. Your whole body feels regenerated, doesn't it? I should warn you, once your lady friend learns this technique, she will have you literally under her thumb. It feels too good to stop and you'll agree to anything to have her keep going.


"See? I have your cock bouncing just as if you were jacking it off yourself.


"Now, let's let him relax and get soft so we can begin again.


"Don't stop? But you haven't really learned how it's done yet.


"Feels to good, huh? Oh! There goes your right foot again against my crotch.


"No, it's okay! In fact...I...kind of like it there. The warmth of your socked foot against my...well, it, it feels...good. Do you mind?


"Well, yes, I know I'm making you feel good, but you don't...Oh, God, that feels nice when you rub it against me. I guess... I guess you figured me out, huh? I mean, well, that I like...men?


"Okay, I won't talk about it. Oh, that feels wonderful, but I'm getting cramped in my shorts.


"Yeah, okay. I will. There, and even though I stopped massaging you for a moment, you're as hard as a rock. Yeah, me too, but that's from your warm socked foot rubbing my hard-on and me looking at your beautiful cock growing and pulsing like that.


"Here, just sit back and close your eyes and just feel this.


"Mmmmph.........Oh, yes. Did you like that? Your socked toes were inside my mouth. I want to suck out the juices and feel your beautiful foot in my mouth. Put your foot up against my face. I want to breathe in your scent! Oh, you are so beautiful!"


"Yes, I could actually get you to cum with a massage, but maybe next time. Right now, I want to suck the cum out of you. You get me so excited."


"I'm kneeling in front of you, ____, just craving to feel that huge meat in my mouth. Feed me your cock!"



Although over a year ago, the memory of that evening is still fresh in my mind as if it happened yesterday. I dove down on that beautiful man's fantastic cock and began sucking the life out of him. His huge cock pumped its way in and out of my mouth.


After a while, I was able to swallow the rock hard leviathan. I slurped, gulped, licked and sucked on it for all I was worth. He was so hot, so excited, he jumped up from the sofa, nearly knocking me over, my mouth still on his cock. He stood up over me, grabbed my head and began a fierce face fuck. My saliva built up like crazy and, blended with his copious pre-cum. His well lubricated, plum-headed cock was now sliding in and out of my throat with ease.


I loved feeling the brush of his coarse pubes slamming against my face each time he drove forward into my mouth. His voice began a low, rumbling groan and I felt the heat in his prodigious cock rise and its flesh swell. Suddenly he pulled himself almost all the way out of my mouth, leaving just the plump, fleshy head of his dick between my lips, and I felt the first explosive push of warm cum shooting from his cock.


It blasted itself to the back of my throat and was followed by two, three, four more forceful bursts of sweet cum until I felt the thick, milky liquid lose some of its forcefulness and drop heavily on my tongue. My entire mouth was filled, my throat coated with his delicious cum. He pushed his softening cock into my mouth slowly, like a snow plow pushing all his cum from my tongue and the roof of my mouth down, down, down into my throat to be swallowed and savored in its entirety.


He bent over me, my head squeezed within his crotch, panting heavily and he made the most sexy, purring noises. Then he backed away, removing his spent cock from my mouth and dropped down onto the sofa.


My cock was furious to cum, and I dropped down on my back to the carpeted floor and raised his gray socks, and the beautiful feet within, to my face and placed his feet on me so barely any of my features could be seen. I pressed them firmly to me, sending him a silent message that that is what I wanted. He began to apply pressure without my assistance so I could take my cock in hand.


I deeply inhaled the sweet aroma of his damp socked feet. I wanted him to smother me. Force me to be a slave to his shapely, heavenly feet.


He slid his right foot down on my face and began to push his toes to my lips, forcing them open and pushing them within! My lips spread apart, my mouth stretched open to accommodate his foot.


I sucked at his toes, enjoying the taste of his particular foot flavor soaked into the material of his woolen, gray socks. He lifted his other socked foot and began rubbing underneath my balls. Enjoying all of that, in combination with the memory of his cock shooting in my mouth, my eyes watered with tears of complete elation. My cock suddenly lurched within my hand and I began cumming. I felt it landing all over me, and I was sure it flew on his legs as well, still I pumped furiously, relishing this moment, afraid it could never happen again in a million years! I wanted to cum forever, but of course, that just doesn't happen, and my climax came to just that.


He removed his foot from my mouth, and his other from my balls and rested them again on my face as I lay there sniffing and hugging his feet to me.


I heard him say, from somewhere far away, something about if I was ready now to show him how to get a guy's cock hard my just massaging his feet and that he was ready to try it on me as I did it with him. I couldn't believe my ears; my good fortune.


Well, I did teach him my technique, and for about three months, on and off, he'd visit and take a refresher course. He was a very dedicated learner. His job, however, sadly for me, had him transferred clear across the country, and we lost touch over time.


A year had passed and it was the anniversary of the day I'd met him. I'd been thinking and remembering all this when the phone rang.


"Hello? Who? Yes, I'll except the charges. Hello? Hello? _____, is that you? Where are you? I can barely hear you. You're where? London? But I thought... What? You're coming to New York? When? You'll be here tomorrow night? Well, of course you can come over! Yes! Moving back? To stay? Oh, yes, ____, I'm very happy to hear that! Yes. Yes, it has been a year! Summer school? I don't understa.... Oh!


"Yes...yes, of course, I'll be very happy to test my best student! You can count on at least one oral exam as well!"



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