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 Salt   and   Pepper

My Two New Sons


 By Mickey (Daddy) Ray


(True), MM, Consensual, Oral, Socks Fetish

This story is based on a true incident. Names have been changed to protect the anonymity of all parties except myself.

Copyright 2002 - 2003 - 2007 All rights reserved


This work may not be copied, reproduced or altered either for sale, placement on newsgroups, web-pages, or reprint - without expressed permission from the author, Mickey (Daddy) Ray or agent, Artistic Affairs - Binghamton, NY 13905. You can write this author at: daddyzhere@gmail.com


Your comments are appreciated. Your face pressed against his socked feet, and/or your lips wrapped around his member and sucking away is also appreciated!





(This story is based on a true event, the names of the people in it, other than my own, have been changed.)


During my mother's lifetime, family reunions, especially weddings, were often disastrous. Christmas and Thanksgiving gatherings were greeted with trepidation and wariness. She would have truly enjoyed our gatherings nowadays as most of the drunks, rebel-rousers, envious uncles, aunts, cousins and in-laws have, in the past few years either drifted apart or passed away. Sadly, so has she.


I kind of make up for her missing presence in spirit because in many ways we're so much alike. I have many of her mannerisms, hand gestures and such. I share her fondness of life and of meeting people and enjoyment of children. I also love to cook and do so as if I have to feed the world; always over-doing it by quantity. My mom was a professional entertainer and like her, I'm a ham when it comes to entertaining friends and family. I sing and act, and have done so, professionally as well, for over thirty years. It isn't unusual for people with a smile to say to me, "You're so like your mother!"


Of course, I've inherited some of the more irritating aspects to my mother's personality. For one, like her, I sigh in quick prayers. "Ah, Dear Mary, Mother of God!". I’m not even Catholic.


However, most annoyingly, for my family and closest of friends, I'm usually giving advice or cleaning someone's kitchen without being asked. Then it's, "Will you stop being Mom!"


Now, before this story throws you off any farther from its subject matter, let me explain it's not about being 'mother'. Frankly, I like being 'daddy'. Reading over from the top, you probably assumed it was a female writing this story, or, had you come across it on a gay stories website, were beginning to wonder if you got something you hadn't bargained for.


This story's author is most assuredly a man. And though I happily share many of my mom's trait's, I can assure you that I'm a mature, adult male who is neither effete, nor makes any attempt at being feminine in or out of bed. I have the greatest time being a sexually aggressive man who loves other men who are sexually passive, but masculine in demeanor and who go ape for sucking cock! These men I call my 'sons'.


I'm Daddy.


I'm five foot nine inches tall and weigh, at this writing, one hundred and seventy pounds. I'm slender, have short, red/brown hair. My facial hair varies in appearance depending on my mood, its color started going prematurely to white years ago. Sometimes, my vanity coerces me to color it, other times I leave it be. My pubes are red/orange in color and surround the base of an almost eight inch cock with a massive pulpy head. Its favorite activity? Squirting loads of creamy cum into hungry mouths! This can be achieved in several ways. Face-fucking and deep-throating, which I love doing, but an activity very few can handle, or sitting back and enjoying the expertise and labors of a cocksucker doing what he loves best...!


I love my adult "sons" and the way they take care of their Daddy.


This story is how I, surprisingly, wound up with additional members to my 'family' while visiting my sister's home during the Thanksgiving, family dinner reunion.


Today, my immediate family consists primarily of my sister, Carol, her second husband, Bill and their combined children with families of their own. Aside from the usual family difficulties, all of us get along very well, especially when we get together for family events. Bad behavior is simply not tolerated and any problems or squabbles are left at home and not brought up at our get-togethers.


My sister and her husband were both previously married. Bill's former wife had three children by her first husband giving him three step-kids—a girl and two boys. My sister and her former husband had three children, also a girl and two boys.


Carol's kids (my niece and nephews) arrived with their respective spouses and their children. Surprisingly, my brother-in-law Bill's step-daughter and his son-in-law Mike (I wrote about an exciting encounter with Mike in another story called "Family Ties") did not come up as usual this year, but instead, for the first time, his two step-sons, John and David had arrived. I had never met them before, and was more than willing to make their acquaintance. Though David lives close to my sister's home, we just hadn't run into each other on previous visits. John had come up from Virginia.


I should tell you, northern New York was cold up where we were and a foot of snow was already on the ground. When the boys came in, they were wrapped up in full winter gear which leaves little to see and lots to the imagination. I watched as discretely as possible as they performed the dutiful doorway-strip of their winter garments and boots. Off came the ski hats and bulky jump-suit style hunter's togs.


By height, weight, and comparable build, they were a pair of matching bookends; about five foot six and 140 pounds. In everything else, outwardly, they were complete opposites. Salt and pepper in appearance and personality.


John, was the older brother at 35, and was on leave from the Navy; a career man. Born a tow-head, he remained a blonde's blond over the years. He had light blue, cheerful eyes. He was clean shaven and his hair was kept just a bit longer than a military crew. He immediately radiated his friendliness with a big smile and warm greetings all around. Like most of my immediate family, he was a hugger and not selfish in his affections, even when meeting me for the first time. If anything, I held back; not an easy chore, I can tell you.


I should mention, my entire family is aware of my sexual orientation and has been for many years. As I hadn't met these two young men before, I didn't know if they were made aware as yet, so I was a bit self-conscious regarding any physical contact.


John certainly wasn't and as he pulled himself to me in greeting, I thought I detected a light peck on the side of my neck. It was so quick, that I finally shrugged it off as nothing more than wishful thinking.


David, at 30, on the other hand, was reserved. Not unfriendly, but brooding as though he had something else on his mind or a desire to be somewhere other than here. His hair was ebony and thickly curled and fell to below the nape of his neck. He sported a raven goatee and his dark brows and long black eyelashes compelled me to stare at his deep brown eyes that seem to dare you into almost any action. Oh, how I wanted him to dare me!


We all stood around and chatted awhile, catching up on who was doing what and where and so on and so on as I, at every opportune moment, discretely inspected these cute bundles of manhood. They were both dressed in denims which seem to jealously conform to and possess their tiny bubble butts, yet gave little away as to what prizes they held in front. During different poses or angles I caught a glimpse of some bulging, but it was obvious they'd been wearing briefs and were packed in too tightly to show any real definition. They wore heavy, gray, woolen socks on the tiniest feet I'd ever seen on any mature man much less two of them together. I loved it!


Where John was open and gregarious, David was polite and restrained. John would stay with the crowd and gab while David would go off by himself, watch the TV or just stare out a window. He was very definitely thinking about something and I was dying to know what it was. Why are brooding men so sexy?


 Call it gaydar or what-have-you, but something told me I needed to get one if not both of these guys before they, or I, had to return to our respective homes.


While all the others were in the kitchen, the favorite family gathering place, and the children were taking naps in various bedrooms, I took the opportunity to talk with David while we had a few moments by ourselves in the living room.




I grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and brought it over to the couch where he was sitting, his little socked feet resting on the coffee table. "Beer?" I offered.


He looked up at me like someone who'd been woke from a daydream. "Oh. Thanks." he said as he took the proffered can.


"You don't look as if you're having much of a good time. Everything okay?" I asked.


"Yeah. It's fine," he said unconvincingly. "It's just that I haven't seen John in so long, I was hoping we be able to spend more time to ourselves. Now it looks like we won't be able to have any time together before he has to go back down to Virginia where he's stationed."


Those were, without a doubt, the most words I'd heard David say since he arrived. I knew I hit on something to keep him talking. I sat at the other end of the sofa, the middle cushion separating us from physical contact. "I take it you and John really get along?"


His eyes brightened noticeably. "Sure. When we were kids we did everything together. He always looked out for me. I guess it was a big brother idol thing for me. A lot's happened over the years since he joined the Navy." He took a swig of his beer then continued.


 "I don't know if my dad told you, but I got into some trouble awhile back. Nothing really bad, but I did some time. John heard about it and he always wrote me. Said he'd kick the shit out of me if I ever got in that kind of trouble again."


I could feel a satisfied delight and happiness in that remark.


"Of course, I haven't gotten into any more trouble since then, but with him living down South and me up here, we haven't been communicating much lately and I really miss him... a lot," he paused. As I swallowed some of my beer, his eyes looked right into mine as he continued talking. "Like I said, we used to do everything together. You know?"


There was so much emphasis in that, it was impossible to miss his meaning. "I guess I do." I answered, desperately trying to find the right way to continue this conversation and in the direction I thought it was going without screwing up. "Well, at least I think I do. Since I'm going to assume you've already been told about my being the funny Uncle around here." I looked away, took a quick swig of beer, swallowed and held my breath as I waited his response.


I felt his hand brush my shoulder in a light tap and looked over at him. "Yeah, we heard about you a few years ago. Dad wanted to be sure, if whenever we came to visit, it wouldn't be a problem for us before we got here. It's not—trust me." He was grinning like a Cheshire cat.


I have to tell you, when he grinned at me my heart jump-started to hummingbird speed. Blood rushed to my groin and I sprouted one of the wickedest hard-on I'd had in ages! There was so much mischief and boyish joy in that young man's expression, I wanted to grab him up and squeeze the love and life out of him! I couldn't get over how happiness changed his expression and demeanor so dramatically. I found myself grinning and blushing at him like a school kid who's just won the approval of his classroom idol.


"I was hoping I'd meet you one of these days," he continued. "Your sister and my dad talk about you all the time. How talented you are. That you're an actor and an artist. You also like computers. I've even been to your website."


My eyes grew wide in surprise. "My website? Uh, which one?" I asked a little abashed.


"Gay Dad's Home Page," he answered.


"Whoa! Then you've seen..."


"Oh, yeah. Everything! I know a lot about you." he finished. "I found your site through another one I was visiting. Once I got on there, I recognized your name and your face from some of Carol's pictures around the house. Does she know about your website?"


"She knows I have one and that it consists of my erotic artwork, gay stories and pictures of me and my 'sons', but she hasn't seen it. I don't suppose any of it would really interest her, but she's certainly not concerned that I have one."


David finished his beer. "Wow. That's pretty good." He sat silent a moment. "Well, no one else in the family...except for John, knows about what I do, and I'd just as soon keep it that way. I mean, I'm glad they accept you, and all that, but I'm just not ready to discuss it with them. See," his voice lowered to a whisper, "I'm still not ready to be queer 'outed'!"


I blanched a bit at the word 'queer'. I suppose I'll never get used to the negative emotions that word can bring up in me. Younger gay men seem more inured to it today. I was just going to ask him about John when my seven year old grand-nephew, Tommy, came into the room and trailing him were his siblings and cousins waking from their naps. After some dutiful and happy playtime with the kids, I said to David, "Let's go out to the garage and talk. We can look at your dad's model car collection." A mechanic by trade, his dad, my brother-in-law, loved putting together model cars and tediously added details like the wiring in the engines, personalized plates, little stick shifts that moved and had the directional emblems on them, customized body paint...the whole works. He'd deserved and won many trophies for his labors of love.


"Okay. Are you ready for another brew?" Having replied in the affirmative, he grabbed two from the fridge and let everybody know we were going out the garage for a few minutes.


It's not unusual for visitors to go out and look at Bill’s models. Normally, Bill would be right out there as well, proud as a peacock, and ready to expound on each piece, but he was fortunately kept occupied by the waking grandchildren who needed his attention.


David put on his boots and we'd left the house shutting the door behind us. A few feet away there was another door which was the entryway into the attached and heated garage. We opened that door and went in. After closing the door, David set his beer down on one of the work tables, whipped around, grabbed me, pulled my head to him and kissed me full on the lips. His right hand rubbed frantically at my crotch which up to a minute ago started to ebb from its previous hard-on. Immediately it was up again.


Stunned, at first, I began to earnestly participate, caressing his small buns in both hands while feeding him my tongue which he began to nibble on, then attempted to suck down into his throat. As he pressed against me, I could feel the swelling of his crotch against me. We all too soon separated our mouths with a loud popping noise. Both of us were breathing deeply.


 "I just had to do that," he said, licking off moisture from his mouth. "I didn't know if I'd have another chance to while I was here. I'm glad I did. Thanks."


We may have stopped kissing, but I was still holding on to his butt and looking down into those beautiful brown eyes of his. "Thank you," I said. "You're quite the shocker, you know? You seem so quiet and shy, but you sure can be..."


"Active?" he finished my sentence. "Actually, I am very shy. But after seeing your webpage and talking with you, I feel like I know you. I trust you. I've always had a thing for older men and I like the "Daddy" scene you emphasize at your site. I think you're pretty hot, you know, and you do have a big bone in those pants down there. And from your photos, you look like you know how to use it!" He emphasized that by squeezing my hard-on. I wasn't going to argue. "Besides, it doesn't look like I'll be able to talk to John about anything before he leaves to go back home, so I feel better that I at least have you to confide in."


"Well, now that you know of my site, you should email me as well. I hope you'll write to me anytime you feel you need to talk to a friend."


"I already have, but I never said who I really was or how I knew of you. I'm 'suckslave69@' ", and he told me his email address." You can bet I'll be writing more often."


I happily reflected on those emails from 'suckslave69' as we broke apart and grabbed our beers. Whew! How I wanted to feel all the things he wrote he'd like to do to 'Daddy', but he'd never go as far as telling me where he was or set up a meeting. I asked him, "So tell me more about John. I take it you guys were more than close for a while."


"You bet we were. He's five years older than me, so when he started learning about sex, he started passing on the info to me. I think we tried everything in the book, at least for kids our age and at that time.


"I know we’re both short, and we’re opposites in hair and eye color, but we've got identical sized cocks which are plenty big enough to shock people when they see them." He hesitated and looked a little embarrassed. "You won't feel bad if I tell you it's even bigger than yours."


If that were true, I wouldn't feel bad at all.


"Well we both are, that is. Almost nine inches! The change from soft to hard is really a big one, that's why we don't show much in pants while we're wearing underwear. And when I get hard, it really binds me up down there." He looked over at the door. Satisfied no one was coming, he undid his belt, unzipped his jeans and opened the top button exposing a fully hard cock, half of which was now poking up and out of his briefs against his stomach. He quickly yanked his briefs down below his balls so all his works sprang forth.


The swollen plum colored head of his hard-on waved at me, sprouting out of a dark bush of brown pubes and over a pair of low hanging and hairy balls. He was indeed at least nine inches long and wider than my own hefty schlong as well. No, I did not feel bad about that. He looked positively lovely. (I should mention, Daddy has a thing for short guys.)


We simultaneously heard the outer door of the entryway being shut and knew someone was about to join us in the garage. He tucked himself in, the elastic of his underwear still beneath his balls. There was no way whoever was coming in would miss the outline of his erection that his tight denims afforded. The garage door opened. It was John.


He was dress again in his winter gear. Smiling and laughing, John said, "Hey brother! You look just like you did when I caught you jacking off in one of Dad's old socks in the laundry room!" He looked down at David's crotch. "Well, well, fun and games in the garage?" he chided, playfully grabbing at David's rising bulge. "What's up, Uncle Mickey?" he said to me, his blue eyes sparkling, his grin, ear to ear.


Now I'd never met John, and technically, I'm only a “step”in-law, so not really his Uncle in any way, but I loved the way he said it so naturally and with impish humor.


"Looks like your brother's up, to me," I bravely replied, "Dear nephew!"


"Well, I assume I've given you enough time, little brother, to give our 'uncle' all the dirt he needs to hear about our wicked past?"


David began to reply, but I interrupted. "Actually, I'd just asked about you, so details are forth coming, I hope?"


"As well as other things!" he said, and added, "I hope." He wrapped an arm around David's shoulder. "Listen. I just told them inside I had to do an errand in Utica, and was going to ask if you and Uncle Mickey wanted to go along for the ride. So if you want to take break for a couple of hours, we could actually go to your apartment instead and 'talk about old times'!"


Smiling, I said, "Cute and devious!"


"That's a sailor for you!" he replied. He gave me another hug and this time there was no mistaking the wet kiss and nibble at my neck. Then he added to his brother, "What do say? You up for it?"


"You tell me, big brother. I always liked it when you did. Remember?"


"Okay, you two, get your coats on while I warm up the car.


In moments we were on our way.




We climbed into John's Cherokee, David taking the back seat and me in the front passenger seat. Buckled up, we were on our way to Utica, NY and David's apartment; just two miles from my sister's home.


John broke the conversational ice. "I suppose you figured out that David and I had already arranged and planned to get you away for a while?"


"Actually, no, I hadn't. You probably better fill me in, because right about now I'm feeling pretty stupid."


"Not our intention," John assured me, "to pull anything over on you, but we couldn't figure any other way to do this with family all around. If anything, it's my fault for all the intrigue and plotting. Two weeks ago, when I knew I was coming up from Virginia to visit, I called David to let him know I'd be there. He told me you would be here too. Other than feeling you out and seeing what you might be up for, there was no real plan after that. This trip is more for him than me. He's probably told you we haven't been together for a long time, not even to talk about, well, …you know."


He was expertly driving his four-wheel along the New York, snow-covered, country roads with an easy air of confidence, though it had been several years since he'd moved away from this cold environment. We'd come to a long stretch of straight-away when he removed his right hand from the wheel and placed it on my left thigh. It quickly slid to my crotch and began kneading my hardening cock. I reciprocated the activity on him with my left hand. David leaned forward with his arms on the back of the seats watching the activity as he listened to John continue his story.


"Our playing together, when we were kids, was as natural as anything to me." His light, newly adopted Southern drawl was pleasant and titillating. "No one told me until years later, that you weren't supposed to experiment with sex on your little brother, and by then, we'd already made it a firm and fun habit neither one of us wanted to break.


"I'd hear about sex stuff in my gym class and run home anxious to try out the stuff I'd heard about. I admit, I neglected to tell David some of the names that guys called men who did the things we were doing, but it still didn't seem wrong to me, and David took to sucking cock like a duck to water."


"I loved sucking your cock, John." David inserted. "I wish you'd pull it out so I can see it again." He looked over at me and said, "We came here in separate cars so, all this time, I've been dying to see him and his cock again. I can't believe this is actually happening."


"Why don't you keep your hands on the wheel and my crotch," I said to John, "while I unwrap the goodies your brother's been waiting see again?" Just as David said, the brothers were equal in size so it was no easy chore getting him unfurled from the tight ball he had it cramped in inside his pants and underwear. When it did find its way to the open air, it began a cautious rising to a full salute pointing straight up at its military owner. Seafood never looked so good. The differences in John's cock to David's were few. Most noticeably, were the thick, blood-filled veins that led up to the slightly pinker cock-head and traveled back down; buried into the blond, almost white, soft, pubic hair. From the back seat, David's right hand snaked between the two front seats and fastened itself to his brother's jutting cock. Their mutual sighs at the contact were of pure contentment. I turned to look back at David and saw his own formidable cock was also out of his pants, his left hand gently caressing and manipulating it.


When in Rome―and we almost were―if you're familiar with upstate New York. I decided to join them in airing out our tensions. Temporarily moving John's hand from my crotch which he'd rubbed into complete hardness, I undid the works and brought out my 'Daddy' cock to say hello to theirs. Once I was exposed, David, crossing his right arm with his left, reached around and grabbed onto my cock as he continued to fondle his brother's quivering tool. John brought his free hand back over to fondle my balls as he continued to drive and finish his story.


"I started playing around with David when I was fifteen and he was ten," he said. "Our real dad and mom were going through a divorce then and didn't really pay much attention to what we were doing as long as we were doing it quietly."


"Then he started dating girls," David said. "I thought I'd die! He stopped coming into my room at night. He hardly talked to me; much less let me play with him. I thought he didn't love me or want me for a brother anymore. I can't tell you how many nights I cried myself to sleep."


"It was tough on him," John added, "I know." He released my balls to grab the wheel as he maneuvered a sharp curve in the road. "I knew how he felt, but I didn't know how to explain to him how I felt or what I was going through. See, I'm still basically straight. I'm married now and have two kids of my own. The littlest one is sick with a cold, so the wife decided to stay home while I came up for this visit. I almost didn't, but she insisted it would be alright. I hadn't seen any of my family for a good seven, eight years.


     "Anyway, during high school, I knew I loved sex with girls, but I still loved to have sex with my brother. I started getting into a real guilt trip and took a lot of it out on David. God, I used to do some pretty nasty shit to you, didn't I buddy?"


"I wanted you back with me so much, I was willing to take anything you dished out, just so long as it was me you were dishing it to." David said as he continued playing with our cocks.


"You took a lot of guff and some pretty humiliating shit," John said, glancing at his brother's hands first on his cock then over at mine. He smiled. "I think I was trying to get him to hate me and the things I taught him to do, now that I was becoming, quote, normal, unquote, and seeing girls. I started out calling him names like 'bitch' and 'whore', even 'faggot' sometimes. Once, when I told him I was cumming and he got ready to swallow it, I shot my load but then I kept his head on my cock and peed in his mouth. I though he'd be really mad. Instead, it turned him on even more and he begged me to do it again. So, I made him get in the tub while I pissed on him and sometimes I'd tell him to him open his mouth while I pissed in it. He'd swallow every drop. And as much as it made me mad, it excited me too. I'd get hard again and feed him more cum." He stopped talking. "Oh, shit, you'd better stop jacking me, David, or I'm going to shoot my load right now." He wasn't the only one. This conversation and David's busy hand had me nearly at the brink as well.


David stopped and removed his hands from our mutually throbbing cocks. "No way. I don't want either of you to waste it. I've already waited too long to get it! Besides, we're almost there, so we might as well put our toys away.


We'd actually had another five or ten minutes to go, so after we were tucked in once again, I asked John if he had ever sucked David's cock.


"At first, I did, but that was mostly to get him to do it. You know. "See, it doesn't hurt!"


“He was just a kid and there was no way he was going to cum, though he did manage to get a hard-on. I only sucked him once as an adult, and that was just  after I finished two years at community college and before I enlisted in the Navy. My girlfriend broke off with me and I was really pissed off. I got plenty drunk and high and crashed over our folks’ house in our old room."


David picked up the tale. "Yeah. I hadn't seen him around for some time, so I was a bit sore at him, even though I wanted to attack his cock with my mouth something awful! I pretended I was asleep while he kept trying to wake me up, begging for me to suck him! Finally, and I was sleeping on my back, ..." He stopped his story and tapped John on the shoulder. "Hey, we're here. Just pull in on that side of my driveway," he directed.


Pulling in and parking, John took over the story again as we sat in the idling car. "Finally," John said, "I got down on my knees by his bed, pulled his covers down and found myself stuffing my brother's prong into my mouth. I was so stoned, I never even gagged. I just kept going up and down, taking his fourteen year old cock deep into my mouth. It all seemed perfectly natural, and as he got more excited, I found myself driving my lips up and down his cock faster and faster. I remember becoming terribly excited about the fact he'd be shooting cum in my mouth and that made me try all the harder. I'll never forget when he shot his load."


"Me either, bro!" David said with a wide smile and nuzzled his face briefly into John's neck.


Looking up into the rearview mirror at David, John continued his story with a smile.


"I felt his cock get even more rigid as it heated up right inside my mouth. Just as my lips had come up from the base of his rod and circled the head, I felt his eruption cumming. I could hear his moan and feel his tight, little body stiffen and rise up from the bed. That movement pushed his cock a little further in as his cum started blasting into my mouth. I felt that first, hard, youthful spurt hit the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat and I remember it was extremely warm and very sweet tasting. That load was just as quickly followed by three and four more huge globs of cum that filled my mouth. I swallowed it all and frantically kept sucking his cock for more of it! It was like I couldn't get enough in my mouth. I had to make him cum even more; feel him shoot more of that hot cum into my mouth. I was sucking my brother's cock and loving it. Maybe I was too drunk to care, but I never gave a thought to whether what I was doing now made me gay or whatever. I just kept on sucking him until he grabbed my head and pulled me off him."


"God, it was fantastic!" David added with excitement. "But he was killing me. There was nothing left to suck and I was getting sore from his efforts! Anyway, guys, we're here, let's get inside before our cocks freeze off out here."


"No arguments from me," I said, awed and almost breathless with the intensity of this last story.


Their exploit had gotten all of us far too excited to waste pleasantries or polite banter about David's apartment. To my memory, we walked in the door and the next thing we were standing naked by the bed, with only our socks on. Every time I looked at their high arched, cute little feet, my cock lurched with excitement.


David was immediately on his knees before the two of us alternating our cocks into his sucking mouth. We both watched him eat us happily into firm erections, once in awhile, lapping at our balls.


John looked over at me. "I haven't sucked another man's cock since I sucked David's, but I think I'm ready to make an exception today. Don't ask why, I don't want to go into it. That's when we came up with this idea of finding a way to get it on together. But first, we had to meet you in person.”


“He told me on the phone about your webpage and if he said you’re alright, that was fine with me.” His mind made up, he backed away from David's face, pulling his cock out of his brother's mouth with a pop, and climbed on the bed. David replaced John's cock with mine. "Hey David, come up here and suck me off!"


David couldn't move fast enough. He was off my cock, on the bed and down on John's throbbing meat in seconds. John signaled to me to kneel over his face, which I wasted no time in doing. His head rested on a couple of pillows, and I laid my swelling cock-head on his lips. He closed his baby blue eyes at first, then opened them again and looked right up at me as he opened his mouth and accepted my cock. He tightly wrapped his small lips around my cock and began lifting his head to take more of my cock in. At mid-way, he brought his head back down. He repeated this action over and over, taking in a little more of my cock whenever he could.


I could feel the gentle rise of his body below me as he nudged his cock into his brother's mouth behind me. His flesh beneath me was warm and soft. He had a trace amount of blond hair that bushed slightly at his chest's center and trailed softly down to his pubes. He had some of his summer, Southern tan left, giving him a sexy glow as he worked up a sweat from all the activity, his blond hairs glistening in contrast.


John expelled my cock from his mouth and, with his hands to my ass, guided me further over his head. My balls lay over his mouth. He stuck out his tongue and gentle teased them with tiny flicks and licks all around the scrotum. Opening his mouth he began to suck in my balls. He moaned as he rolled them around inside his mouth. I gently jacked my cock over his face. It was incredibly hard and looked enormous rising over his button nose and the small blond frame of his head. I got extremely excited watching his blue eyes gazing up with sexual anticipation at my cock jacking over his face.


Releasing my balls, he pushed me even more over his face. His tongue began to lick around my butt-hole which really gets me hot! (Thank God I'd showered earlier that morning!) My moist balls slapped at the bridge of his tiny nose and he raised his head up and stuck his tongue right into my asshole. He grunted and began licking and reaming my hole furiously. God, it felt great! I kept thinking that if he'd never done this before, he was an absolute natural. Then I remembered, he was doing all the things he'd had his brother do to him and was merely imitating his moves. And doing it very well!


I was in heaven, feeling this little blond sailor's tongue up my ass as I played with my cock over his cute face. I stopped briefly to look in back of me and watched as David sucked furiously at John's slick hard-on. John began to moan and pump his body to David's sucking rhythm and I knew he was getting close. I took my ass from John's face and scooted down to give him my cock. He took it hungrily!


 I felt what David must have felt that night years ago as John began to ravenously suck on my cock. I took the back of his head in my hands and began to fuck his face as he grunted and groaned his approval. Faster and faster I fucked him, alternately shoving his face into my crotch hairs and my cock all the way down his throat. My cock continued to piston in and out. He was getting the whole thing with no mercy. I fucked his face hard and he wanted more. He began to raise his head up and down with my fucking and his body was writhing every which way, as he brought me to my climax.


"I'm going to shoot!" I grunted, as my cock continued its relentless hammering inside his mouth. "Get ready, sailor, I'm going to shoot my cum into your mouth! Can you feel it? Here... it... CUMS! Take it! Take it!"


Over and over I felt my cum explode its way out of my cock and into his warm, sucking mouth. And, as he did with David, he kept trying to siphon my cock for more and then I felt his body tremor and raise up in readiness for his own ejaculation.


My ebbing cock in his mouth muffled his cries of delight as he began to shoot his load of cum while swallowing mine. I could feel his mouth grip my cock tightly with each swallow, and with each gulp of my cum, his body jumped in response to his own spurting eruptions.


I turned to watch David hungrily take his brother's cum and lovingly swallow every drop. John never released my own softening cock until he was completely drained and then, he moved so quickly, I nearly fell off the bed.


In one swift move he brought his head to the bottom of the bed and placed his brother in a sixty-nine position with David's head toward the pillows. Lying on their sides, he began to suck on David's cock with David happily cooing on John's now soft cock but finding it quickly responding anew to his continued loving attentions.


In no time, John's cock was as solid as a rock. I watched intrigued as they fed each other. There lie my salt and pepper 'sons', perfect opposites, in sexual thrall. Sucking machines eager to tastes the other's viscous, liquid treasure.


While playing with my cock, I crawled close to the boys and gently massaged their bodies with my free hand and at the same time planted tender kisses along their backs and beautiful, little asses. Occasionally I would bring my face to their socked feet and sneak a whiff. If they'd seen my webpage, as they said they had, then my fetish would come as no surprise to either of them.


When my face touched against David’s feet, he instinctively tried to move them out of my way. I boldly brought them back to my cheek and kissed the soles of his warm feet, and he stopped moving them away from then on. Likewise, John became accustomed to my occasional interaction with his socked feet.


David began a mewling noise and his tiny ass began to rapidly pump back and forth forcing his cock to fuck more intensely into his brother's sucking lips, signaling his load to come...cumming! He also sucked at John's prick more furiously as if that would force his own cum to the surface. John responded equally and I found myself jacking off fiercely to their exciting and erotic movements.


David let out with a wail of pleasure as loud as his cock-filled mouth would allow. He kept pumping each new spurt of cum into his brother's mouth and John, excited by the sudden gushing in his mouth, began to feel his cum well up to a climax too. I became so excited watching them while jacking my cock, I began to shoot as well.


 Closer to John's face, I climbed over and I let my own load erupt and land in thick gobs onto his sucking lips and David's cock pumping between them. Every time John sucked in David's cock, he got some of my load as well. This pushed John's climax over the edge and he began to fill David's mouth with another load! We all groaned our mutual satisfaction. I collapsed between the boys and we laid there in a tangled heap enjoying the afterglow of good sex. John turned himself around and brought his head up to the top of the bed as I lay in the middle and got to enjoy the soft attentions of the two brothers. We nuzzled and kissed, and just made gentle contact for about ten wonderful minutes.


“Okay,” I broke the silence, “You’ve seen my site, you felt my face against your socks, so I'm sure you know your Uncle has a heavy duty sock fetish and I won’t be able to rest until I’ve had both of you cover my face with those cute socked feet of yours while I beat off!


They looked at each other and grinned. “Down on the floor, Unk!” John commanded.


I hopped off the bed and lie on the floor, the back of my head towards the foot of the bed. Both the boys draped their legs off the back of the bed and began massaging my body and face with their beautiful feet, the warm, thick gray socks alternately burying my face beneath them. They both had just a slight sweaty odor that couldn't have been more perfect.


I grew erect again in seconds and began to jack my cock, my free hand pressing whichever socked foot happen to be on my face at any given moment. I kissed them, sniffed them and reverently held them to my face, moaning in ecstasy. I was in heaven and I shot off another load in a very short time.


My eyes were shut with exhausted euphoria when I felt a towel land on my stomach. I sat up and cleaned myself off, enjoying the shit eating grins of both my newest “sons”.


"When you come up again, Uncle Mickey, we'll have to do a sock thing together. I like them too," David said to me.


"Well, I suppose we'd better be heading back, it's close to five and Carol said dinner would be ready by six." John said. We all agreed we had to go, though none of us really wanted to. We did go, however, and on the way the boys told me more of their history.


I've not heard from John since that visit and while he was there, he never discussed what we did, or how he felt about it. Maybe someday he will. That's up to him. I hope so. I hope he enjoyed himself and might consider another visit, if not with me, certainly with his brother who still loves him deeply.


He did whisper, "Goodbye, Daddy," to me when he left and did one of his speedy neck kisses during our goodbye hug.


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