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Egotistical fucker! Didn’t you think I would notice your stares? Even through the  tendrils of steam that choke everything in the kitchen’s path with the smell of those acerbic Mid-Eastern spices. Spices that sting the nostrils and tear at ones eyes! Amid all that, did you really believe that I wouldn’t notice your sly, surreptitious looks and the hot, sensual scent of masculine sweat and sex that radiates from your magnificent body? I think these thoughts as my cock grows inside my pants in response to my fucked up desires.


It’s the nightshift. The cooks have already turned off their stoves and ovens and left their posts for the cleanup crew to mop, scour, scrub and put in good order for the next evening’s service. They spoke in their native tongue to one another, then in broken English to us. Their voices were high pitched and rapid in their demands as they told us what they wanted done by the time they returned to begin the whole process all over again. They leave, and with every swipe of the mop that I press to the floor, I surreptitiously glance over at you as your muscles swell and expand whenever you lift each dish filled rack to the dishwasher.


Time slowly creeps by, sadistically prodding at my impatience to be in that hour when I can finally share a few moments together with you, outside this kitchen’s stagnant inferno, and into the alley where we take our smoke breaks.


Once a confident, self-assured college jock, during the last three months, since I started working at Shalimar’s Curry House, I’d found myself suffering nightly trying to find the internal courage  to ask you, no, to beg you, for even the slightest physical touch of your body to mine. I’d close my eyes and see you standing before me, beautifully naked, aroused and needing me, my mouth, my body, to release all that pent up sex you’ve been holding back and denying all other men but me. Would tonight be different? Would you again merely grunt in reply to casual conversation, never speaking a word to me, only standing there with your legs spread in a firm stance as you  indifferently  rub and scratch at that incredible bulge beneath your grease and dirt stained jeans shorts? I worried at these images as I watch you suddenly and forcefully remove your filthy kitchen apron, toss it across the drain board of the dishwasher and head out the back door to the alleyway. You leave—but not without a quick, hard, meaningful glance back at me and I notice that your cigarette pack still lays dormant on one of the kitchen counters.


My chest tightens, my heart pounds so loudly I am certain it can be heard outside my body. Never. Never had he looked at me that way before. I drop my mop to the floor, tear at my apron which covers only my bare chest and running shorts, then rush to the door to meet you. I stop just shortly before I get there and mentally check myself as I attempt valiantly to reign in my urgency, so as not to appear too eager, and only then do I casually open the door. My eyes bulge incredibly when I see you standing across the way.



The  alleyway and the brick wall opposite the restaurant’s is softly lit in spotlight by the security bulb screwed in over the doorway. There you stand in that nearly staged lighting, stripped down to all but your grayed, well worn tank top which is so sweat soaked that it is nearly see through. The single, soft, white light glistens against the drops and streaks of sparkling sweat that embrace themselves at your strong, muscled arms and swelling chest. My eyes immediately gaze down at the huge swinging cock that hangs temptingly, deliciously from your sweating groin. The shadows behind and below it only serve to emphasize its enormity. I don’t remember shutting the door behind me.


I look back up at your face, handsome and hard. Your stance is that of bored distain and your  brilliant green eyes stare back at me with contempt. But, somehow, that very disdain, that seemingly unreasonable contempt inexplicably makes me want to serve you more desperately then ever, if such a thing were possible!


My mouth forms words that never escape my lips as you hold a finger up to silence me. You raise your hand to me to approach, and hypnotically I do just that. Only three steps away from you and each step forward increases my trembling and quickly dissolves any reserve I tried to create. Your hand touches the side of my face and you speak to me. Your voice is deeply resonant, certain, but I am shocked that the words are not English. You too are Eastern, like our boss and the cooks. I quickly understand now that it was always just to me that they spoke English.



My shock leaves as quickly as it came. I don’t understand the words, but I know what you want when you tug firmly at my running shorts and without a moment’s hesitation I slip out of them and remove my shoes. The sweltering, summer night air against my naked skin is nearly as warm as the heat in the kitchen when I look back up at your penetrating eyes to await your next command. Whatever it is, I know I will obey your every desire, serve your every need. I fall to my knees. I am yours and you know it.



* “Sokha lena!” his low, resonant voice twice commanded me. I had no idea what language he was speaking, but the word rang familiar to another that I did understand and I quickly bent to what I believed was his orders. The cobblestone beneath my knees was hard and painful to kneel on, but as soon as my lips neared his massive cock, his manly smell obliterated any discomfort I may have felt on my knees.


He was musky, and yet a sweet oily smell wafted from the head of his uncut cock, which stiffly rose to greet my lips in anticipation of penetrating the warm, moist tunnel they guarded. I peeled the thick prepuce away from the bulbous head and opened my mouth to welcome the cock I’d been wanting forever!



I licked at the head of his cock and under its crown, tasting the salty, sweet glans and as I did, my mind whirled in excited anticipation. I wrapped my lips tightly about his cockhead and began my journey downward as far as I could go. I could just about feel a slight brush from his pubic hairs, but began to gag before I could get any further. I started to come back up when I felt his hands clasp the back of my head and push it forward, thrusting his cock down my throat to its maximum and holding my head close to his stomach, my lips smashed into the hardness surrounding his dark pubic hairs.


Tears welled to my eyes and, in desperation, my lungs cried for breath, but still he held me to him as I felt his entire cock swell and ebb deep down in my throat several times. He then suddenly withdrew and in his exodus, I felt and tasted the last few trails of his thick jism that he’d just emptied into my stomach. The taste was bitter and salty, but wonderful all the same, and I knew I had to have more.


It was all so quickly over, I feared he would go back to the kitchen and that would be the end of it. But instead, he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me on my ass, my back to the warm bricks of the alley wall. “Sokha lena!” he commanded again, and seemed even more impatient to be serviced. Incredibly, his cock rose to occasion as though it had never cum just a moment ago.


At first he seemed bored by my efforts at pleasing him again. He leaned on the wall with one arm, the other contemptuously fisted on his hip. He looked down at me as though he was expecting something, but I could not figure out what it was that he wanted. My hesitation in trying to figure him out must have frustrated him. He turned himself to stand in front of me. This time he used the wall to pin my head and began fucking my mouth.


He would dive in just two or three inches of his delicious cock at a time, teasing it, making his cock even harder, and making me all the more hungry for him. Then, without warning he would thrust deeply, pushing his cock all the way down again and holding it there for what seem eternity, then, when it seemed I would black out for lack of oxygen, he would withdraw his meaty cock, leaving just the head in, and repeat his small jabs.


This went on for some time, when all at once he pulled his cock out entirely. *“Isa jagaha!” he commanded and just as suddenly, he pulled me up to him and held me to his firm, muscular chest. His amazing green eyes stared hard into mine with a fierceness I’d never known before, but with a lust that was invigoratingly exciting! His strong hand grabbed the back of my head and planted my lips to his mouth. His thick, warm tongue invaded my lips and his heated, passionate kiss numbed my brain. My body heat rose tenfold and my heart beat to nearly exploding. He spun around so his back was to the wall and held me to him as he slid down to the alley floor, never once parting our lips.



The heady moment ended abruptly. *“Rakhana udasa,” he said as he once again flipped our positions, tossing my back to the ground and lifting my legs to the air. His strength was even more incredible than I had ever imagined. He did all this in merely seconds and effortlessly as well. Incredibly, I felt that same warm, thick tongue that moments ago had been in my mouth and was now brushing lightly against the soft hairs surrounding my asshole. My cock responded to this sensual pleasure as his tongue began to push against the opening of my sphincter, moistening it lovingly, coaxing it to open and give in to his desires. He hungrily lapped and licked at my hole, my cock leaped and jumped with every stabbing penetration. “Deeper, deeper!” I whispered, more to myself in wishful thinking, but wanting to feel him urgently inside me.



Without warning, once again he lowered my legs to his hips, reached behind me and lifted me to him, turning us around once again with his back to the brick wall. He first sat down so that his ass and my knees were against the cobblestone alley floor. His back to the wall, he leaned forward and began licking at my teats. His tongue swirled with exciting gentleness, from one to the other, then press his lips tightly against my chest, he sucked hard at each one, swelling my nipples incredibly! My cock was hot and wet against his stomach and his cock pressed against the cleft between the cheeks of my ass as well as small of my back.




He’d prepared me, and with one lift he raised my body up and aimed my moistly dripping asshole to his firm, upright cock below it. Holding all my weight, with not the slightest sense of effort, he put the head of his cock to my asshole and began to gently lower me down upon his magnificent rod.


I was so hot to have him inside me, I never even realized he had risen to his knees. My asshole gave no objection to his penetration. I felt it opening and the titillation of muscle and nerves during his penetration was amazingly incredible. My cock swelled beyond impossible and I thought I would explode just as he reached my prostate and began to hold me to him as he pumped repeatedly with his hips.



That he was practically carrying my entire weight effortlessly and pumping his cock fiercely into my ass was a magnificent and erotic achievement. I felt him sliding in and out of my ass, pumping his virility inside of me and making my own cock nearly ready to burst.


Once again, he suddenly controlled our positions by removing his cock, spinning me around and pushing me face down to the alley floor. He quickly climbed over me and entered my ass, which made no objection to his lustful penetration, but rather pushed itself up to meet his thrusts, which were both hard and passionate!




In just moments of that, I cried, “Oh my God! I’m going to, to, …” and I nearly did shoot off when I felt his cock dive all the way up my ass as he painfully pushed me flat to the cobblestones beneath me. I felt his cock swell inside me and the heat of it was incredible. I then felt the wetness of what must have been an enormous ejaculate as it flooded from his cock and out of my asshole. It’s warm spill flowed against my balls that stuck out from under me and as much as I wanted to cum, and nearly did, the pressure of his body pushing my sensitive cock against the uneven stone floor made my erection painfully dwindle.



He raised himself off of me and took his cock from the confines of my asshole. I twisted my body to turn and look at him when I felt a splash of cum hit my chin. My God, he was totally hard yet and still cumming! He directed spurt after spurt of his cum at my face, so I opened my mouth to catch what I could, savoring every bit of his man juice that landed on my tongue.


His face screwed up tightly as though he were in immense pain, but I knew it was that amazing pleasure he was getting from the pressure of his copious cum leaping from its source, up and out of his cock. I took as much as I could from the awkward, straining position I was in, until the force of his cum began to diminish and it started landing on my shoulders, hips and ass cheeks, until it was no more.


He leaned forward and raised his cum soaked hand for me to clean, which I did hungrily. When he was satisfied that all the cum was cleaned off, he began to rise to his feet. Holding his hand to me, he pulled me up from the stone floor.




With gentle ease, he lifted me into his arms like a new bride and once again looked deeply into my eyes with those amazing green eyes of his. *“Mala,” he said quietly. I had no idea of what that meant, but I felt blissfully secure as he walked down the alleyway carrying me in his strong arms as we neared the restaurant’s back door. All my greatest fantasies about him had been filled in one wonderful night, and here I was, warmly embraced in my new lovers arms.



Just before the doorway of the restaurant, near the city’s metal waste basket, he sighed deeply and without ceremony, dropped me into it and walked away, going into the restaurant and shutting the door behind him. The last thing I saw of him was his beautiful, tight ass, and a raised middle finger. I kind of guessed then what “Mala” probably meant.


Funny thing is, all I kept thinking was, would he let me have him again?




*These are Hindi words found in the English to Hindi dictionary online.


*Sokha lena (Suck)

*Isa jagaha (Here, Come here)

*Rakhana udasa (Lay down)

*Mala (excrement)


This story is fictional and I assure you that there are no intentional negative inferences to any Eastern culture in my effort to create sensual reading pleasure for the observer.


Mickey “Daddy” Ray



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