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Oral Rape - My fantasy

A "Daddy" & "Son" Story

By Mickey (Daddy) Ray


          ***A reminder that "Oral Rape - My Fantasy" is copyrighted and is the exclusive property of Mickey Ray, AKA "Daddy", of Artistic Affairs in Binghamton, NY. The author may be contacted by email at daddyzhere@gmail.com.  "Oral Rape - My Fantasy" may not be used, edited or altered, directly or indirectly, in part or in whole, for any commercial purposes without express permission from the author.


          The content is adult, sexual reading material which is primarily homoerotic in nature, contains particular sexual fetishes and is meant for entertainment purposes only. The author takes no responsibility for illegal accessing of this material to minors. All characters are fictional and any similarities of names or personalities with real persons are purely coincidental. Today, things being what they are, the author neither approves nor condones unsafe sex. ~ Daddy



You come by my house to see if my son, your buddy, is home. I know he's away at his girlfriend's house for the night. I can't help notice your good looks and slender bod, but I'm hornier than usual and even though I think your straight and, of course, you assume that I am, I decide to try and see how far I can get with you.


I tell you my son's not here right now, but I think he'll be back soon. I invite you to come in and join me in some beers and TV. We watch a couple of movies and all the while I keep refreshing your beers. You've totally forgot about my son coming home and you drank nearly a twelve pack. You get real sleepy. I tell you that it's too late to go home, and besides, you're too drunk to drive. You'd better stay overnight.


You suspect nothing, even though I tell you that you have to share my bed. My wife's visiting her mother and there's only one bed, no big deal. Hey, we're guys! Right? ....R-i-i-i-i-ight! You're too drunk to rationalize that my son has a room here too!


I put one of your arms around my neck and help you into the bedroom and around to the left side of the double bed. You have trouble coordinating in taking off your clothing so I remove your shirt and T-shirt. You protest a little about taking off your pants, but I insist.


"Nobody sleeps in my bed with grimy jeans on the sheets." You're too drunk and too tired to argue, so you compromise by telling me if I want them off, I have to take them off. You fall back on the bed. I raise your lower half up on the bed. I unfasten your belt buckle, undo the button, and unzip your jeans and begin to tug them downward. Though I'm not exactly gentle, you don't move a muscle. You've completely passed out.


I finally get your jeans slid down past your ass and down past your white BVD's. I notice, even passed out, you've got the beginnings of a hard-on, and I see a small stain of pre-cum right where the head of your cock is bulging.


When your pants are below your knees, I move down to your ankles, untie and take off your sneakers, tossing them to the side. I then continue to pull the legs of your jeans up and over your sweaty, white socked feet; stopping only when the tops of your pants reach your heels. I raise your legs and remove your jeans. They, too, get toss aside.


Your body unencumbered, you suddenly toss to your right side, facing the middle of the bed; the side of the bed I'll be sleeping on. Though the house is warm, and blankets aren't necessary, I cover you lightly with the top sheet, letting you fall securely, even more deeply, asleep. I take off all my clothes, climb into bed, leaving the barest of the street's nightlight flow into the room. From the street-lamp light outside the windows behind you, I can see, silhouetted, the shape of your body under the sheet. I can hear and feel your breathing.


I patiently wait a time, playing with myself and letting my eyes adjust to the subdued light. I find I can see your every feature as clearly as if it were daylight. I raise my right arm and I slowly reach my fingers to your mouth and lightly touch your lips. You make no movement, but your lips part slightly, invitingly, at my touch.  I test to see if I can get one of them inside without wakening you. I push forward in a continuous, small, circular motion, and your mouth complies by opening ever so slightly. I can feel the tip of your tongue, and my cock is getting hard at what I am thinking.


Leaning on my left side, I switch hands, replacing my right hand with the left to continue probing your lips. My right hand reaches down beneath the sheet to adjust my growing, ten inch cock more comfortably. I feel your left hand near-by.


Slowly, I maneuver your fingers and thumb so they grasp around my cock.. Still, you do not move or waken. I very carefully begin a slow and steady pumping. Jacking my cock with your hand, I raise my knee to your crotch, and feel through your briefs, even in your sleep, your prick's gotten hard. I know I've got you dreaming of sex, and I'm going to use that for my own benefit.


Making you jack my cock without your knowing it, has me so hot, I could almost shoot. But that's not enough. I've got to try and see if I can get you to suck me in your sleep!


All the while, I've been just barely probing my finger in between your soft, inviting lips. I try to gently push two fingers inward. Your mouth opens, and like a baby automatically suckling its mother's breast, your lips clamp around my fingers and begin to suck on them. I know that this is the time to make my move.


I slip my swollen, rock-hard cock from your grip, realizing that you've begun to automatically move it in the jacking motion I started you with, without any help from me. I slowly take my fingers from your sucking lips, and quietly edge my way up the bed so that my crotch is even with your face. Seeing my cockhead so near your parted lips has me fired-up! This is so exciting, that I can smear the pre-cum on my cockhead as I raise my dick and shift my body, feeling the soft breath from your nostrils and mouth wafting over its head.


I gently touch your parted lips and tongue with my pre-cum-moistened cockhead. As with my fingers, I begin to circle my cock around, pushing lightly to and fro. I feel your lips parting and your tongue brushing against the opening slit on the head of my dick. The excitement makes my cock leap, pushing it in all at once, further than I meant it to go. Still, your mouth accepts the tip of my cockhead and your lips, as before, begin to encircle it and start a sucking motion.


Oh, God, The suspense and tension are incredibly overwhelming! I am so-o-o-o wanting this!


I’m turned on and really hot to go for it, but I know the head of my dick is to big to slip all the way in without your knowing it. For a time, a very short time, I'm satisfied moving in an easy, fucking motion. I'm enjoying feeling the tip of my cock going in and out of your soft, sucking lips. But… it's still not enough!!


Suddenly you stop sucking. Popping the tip of my cock from your lips, you turn quickly away and onto your back. I freeze, holding my breath, making no movement until I'm sure you're still asleep. I can see the glistening reflection of sticky pre-cum on your lips from my cock in the window's filtered light. Your tongue sleepily whips in and out, licking away the sweet, glutinous dampness from your parted lips. Your eyes squint, your eyebrows turn in and your lips smack together in an unconscious attempt to figure out what your mouth tastes within. The question your tongue asks remains unanswered and passes quickly as your face relaxes once again.


Still, you don't wake up, and I am more determined than ever. Now that I've had a sample of your warm lips on my dick, I have to go on. There's only one thing I can do to be sure that if you do wake up, I'll still get my entire cock into your hot mouth!


I silently leave the bed and reach in the closet for my little black bag. Taking four short lengths of rope, I lay them near-by on the dresser. I, ever so carefully, move your body, little by little, to the center of the bed. Reaching over to the dresser, I pick up the lengths of rope and make slip knots on each end. Pulling one end through the other around the bed board posts, I very cautiously hook the other ends' loops to your wrists. While your arms are not stretched out tightly, should you wake up suddenly, you will have little freedom of movement.


I quietly tie similar restraints around your ankles to the bed frame. Sound asleep and spread-eagled, you haven't felt a thing. I carefully replace the larger pillow beneath your head, with a smaller flatter one, rolling it just under your neck. Your head tilts slightly back, and your mouth gapes open, like a hungry bird waiting to be fed a big, fat, juicy worm. And this Papa eagle wants to feed you his personal, big, fat and juicy worm!


I step back and appraise you. You look so vulnerable, so hot! Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained, I rationalize.


I realize, in my haste, I forgot to remove your briefs before I restrained your legs. I grab a pair of scissors and cut them off your body. Fuck it, I tell myself! I'll replace yours with a pair of mine or my son's! I slip the ruined pair from under you and toss them aside. Now I can watch you for signs of excitement. Your cock is still semi-aroused, but motionless. I straddle your chest with my knees, moving my hips closer to your face. A sudden surge of power washes over me. Once again, the thought of this oral rape has me very excited! How far will I get before I wake you, I wonder? How will you react?


I remove any thoughts of dire consequences from my mind lest they inhibit what I want most; to shoot a thick, viscous load of cum in your mouth!!!! This hot, torrid thought encourages me to go on.


I gently raise your arms and maneuver my legs underneath them one at a time. Now your face on the pillows is between my thighs, your arms tied up and out of the way rest on my calves behind me. My cock and balls make a shadow hovering over your face, and in the excitement, a drip of pre-cum falls from my cockhead down on to your upper lip. I can feel your warm breath brushing softly against my balls.


I lower myself and move my cockhead down and over your mouth which is still agape and waiting. Holding it in my right hand, I start to nudge the head in, but because it is so hard, I have difficulty in doing so without waking you any sooner than necessary. I mentally willed my cock to softness so that it's now more pliable. Then, with my fingers, I begin to stuff my soft, spongy cockhead into your mouth; slowly, so that your nostrils will naturally take over for all of your breathing.


More and more of my cock enters until you have the entire head and some of my shaft inside. I can feel the squeezing pressure between your palette on the top of my cockhead and your tongue on the bottom. Your lips begin to close around my cock and I can feel a slight sucking motion. Your tongue lifts my cock up and down and around against the roof of your mouth and my cock begins to get hard again while inside that hot, sucking maw.


I begin to use my fingers to masturbate my cock inside your mouth. Your body moves with dream-sleeping excitement. Unconscious images and reality begin to mix. I don't know what you’re dreaming, but your mouth opens wider, allowing more of my hardening cock inside, and I hear you trying to say something. Your lips smack against my disappearing shaft with your futile efforts to try and talk in your sleep. Suddenly your eyes open and in the dim light you become aware of your situation. You yank your head away and my cock pops out with a loud smack. Pre-cum and drool drips across your lips and chin.


There's no stopping now, I decide. I'm too hot and too close to stop. You'd like to scream at me to stop, but  you're still too drunk and weak, and totally confused!


You look around, more aware of your surroundings and who I am. "Mr. _, what are you doing? Where's Gary?" You try moving your arms and now realize the position your in with my cock erect and waving in your face. In panic, your drunken fog begins to lift slightly and you feel the gooey pre-cum sliding from your lips down your chin. I can see the light dawning in your face.


So now you try to act brave by firmly, but very quietly, telling me to stop what I'm doing and to get off of you.


I tell you I have no intention of stopping, and if you want me to get off of you and untie you, you'd better cooperate and do as I say.


"I'm not queer, man. I don't do that!" you tell me.


"I don't care if you are or not! Either way, you're sure as hell gonna suck cock!" I insist. "And you'll do it HOW and WHEN I tell you to. You got it?"


You face shows your confusion and panic even more. Your best friend's father has got you tied up and he's telling you that you're going to suck his cock! This can't be happening!


You try another tact, to plead. "Please, don't make me do that, Mr. _. I drank too much beer...you're so big....I'll...I'll get sick!"


"Good try!" I say. "But if you get sick, I'll make you swallow your vomit along with my cum! Understand?"


 "But, I can't. I never..."


"Bull!" I interrupt. "There's no time like the present to learn. And, look, I'll make a deal with you. You do just what I want, and I won't make you swallow my load. Got it?" I say it, but I'm not sure I'm really being honest. I really do want you to swallow my cum! I'm disease free, so I’m aware that nothing you’re made to swallow will hurt you.


"What...what do you want?" you ask.


"First thing, from now on, I want you to call me, 'Daddy'! Whenever I tell you to do something, you answer with 'Daddy' or 'Sir'! Do you think you can do that?"


"Oh, come on, Mr. _! That's crazy! I can't..."


"Keep in mind which of us is tied up, here! There are a lot worse things that could happen to a man in this position! Would you rather I force you drink my cum? Maybe even my piss, while I'm at it?"


"No!!! No, please!" you comply quietly, "....Daddy...Sir!"


"Good. That's much better! Now I want you to open your mouth real wide and take my cock inside. Then I want you to gently close your lips around it, and start sucking on it. NO TEETH! Understand? It would be a very bad thing if you hurt my cock in ANY way!" I lower my cock to your mouth.


"But what if it's by accident?" you ask, just before I slip it in.


"Boy, your cock and balls are exposed, and I can have accidents too. Understand?" I ask you this as you see me look over to the scissors that I used to cut off your briefs. While I know I could never do anything so horrifying, you, on the other hand, are not so confident.


"Yes, Sir...Daddy!" You stretch your lips open wide.


"Excellent!" My cock has softened during this exchange; still, before I can shove my cock inside, you automatically shut your mouth again. I press my cockhead against your lips. You resist. I push harder. You're still afraid and resist some more. "You want to do this the hard way?" I ask.


I reach back and grab you by the balls. "Now, how much squeezing will it take for you to open your mouth?"


Your mouth flies open with the first squeeze. "Ahhhh!" you cry.


Taking advantage of the moment, I release your balls and I push my cock inside your open mouth. You try to move your head again, but I trap it between my thighs and with my hands I grip the back of your hair. I hear your protests in mumbles that vibrate against my cock and that only serves to get me harder and more excited. I begin to fuck your face with the first couple of inches of my cock, pulling your head up to meet my pubic hairs.


"Can you smell the man sex in my crotch, cocksucker?"


I continue to move your head up and down with your youthful lips surrounding my cock and enjoy watching you slobbering your spit, and my pre-cum, all along the shaft, only to suck it all in on your way back up. In and out, my cock appears and disappears over and over, getting harder and wider. Your choking, slurping sounds turn me on! I'm making you suck cock! My cock! And it feels soooo good!


I say aloud the sadistic thoughts I had earlier. "I've changed my mind. When I'm ready, I'm going to shoot my whole load into your mouth, and there's nothing you can do about it! I want to fill your mouth up with my fucking, gooey, hot jism and watch you taste it. Then, I'm going to keep my cock in your mouth, after I shoot, and make you hold it in there along with my cum until I'm ready to shoot again."


I continue to pump my cock in and out of your mouth as I talk to you and I notice that as I do, you are unconsciously able to take more and more of my big cock without gagging or choking. Even when I remove my hands from your head, you keep sucking at my pumping prick. You become so involved in the excitement you forget your protests.


You start to raise your head up on your own, trying to get more of my cock down your throat. I look back and see your cock rock hard and jumping up and down in rhythm with your head movements as you slurp and suck up and down on my shaft. I know now I've got you as hot for Daddy's cock as Daddy is for your mouth. I can feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming!


"Yeah, boy! That's it! Suck those ten inches right down your throat! Suck my cum outta there! Keep sucking me. Yeah! You're sucking 'Daddy's' cock and loving it! I'm gonna shoot a big fucking load right into your mouth. Your soon gonna feel it pumping against your tongue!"


Abruptly, I pull out of your mouth, push your head back and stuff your mouth with my balls.


"Lick 'em! Suck on those balls, boy!" I demand as I continue to jack off my well lubed dick over your face. I put my one hand under your head, and with the other I keep pushing my balls deeper into your mouth. I watch your cheeks bulge and your eyes staring up at my huge, reddening cock wavering over your face. Your mouth is now bloated with my balls and their coated man-sweat.


"Yeah, suck 'em, baby. Suck your 'Daddy's' balls! Use that tongue. Swirl it around. I'm getting close, son! I gonna shoot my load... here.... it.... CUMS! Ahhhhh!"


I take my balls out of your mouth, push your head back and aim my cock at your opened mouth. "Keep it open, boy! 'Daddy's' cumming in!"


I jack the first hot blasts of cum on your exposed tongue.


"Don't you swallow that load! You hold it in your mouth!" I demand as I immediately shove my cock in. "Close your mouth and suck the rest of that cum out!" I add.


You suck hungrily as you feel my cum spurting and splashing inside your mouth and as I pump my cock back and forth, it mixes your spit and my cum together, forming a hot, sticky lube.


You can taste 'Daddy's' sweet cum on your tongue. It's your first taste and you love it! So much cum filling your mouth, without warning, you automatically gulp down a mouthful. Then another, and another! I feel the pleasant pressure on my shooting cock pressed between your tongue and the roof of your mouth with every swallow.


You love it! The excitement of being orally raped, the rush of shooting cum spurting against the back of your throat, and then swallowing my creamy jism, makes your body jump and your eyes water and all I can hear are your swallows and begging whimpers of mmmmmmph-mmmmmph-mmmmmph, as you continue to suction me into another hard-on! You've got to have more!


Within minutes, I feel the force of a warm splash smack against the skin of my back! I look around and your cock is rock hard and shooting cum everywhere as you’re hungrily sucking at my cock. Your eager sucking has worked me into yet another load and I’m ready to explode in your mouth!


Instead, I pull my cock from your mouth and shoot every creamy glob on your face and chest! Your mouth is open wide and your tongue reaches out to get every last drop of your new 'Daddy’s' cum.


The End





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