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My "Boys, slaves and dogs" (read, "men") and many of my friends, call me Daddy, Sir, or Master D.

DOB: Feb 10th

Astrological Signs: Sun: Aquarius ~ Moon: Gemini ~ Rising: Gemini (Doesn't mean much, but if that combination is what you're looking for in the man whose cock you need to suck...it works for me!)

Status: Gay white male ~ Dominant Daddy ~ HIV negative ~ Single ~ (Lifetime companion, Drew Shafer, of 21 years passed away September 30, 1989, Kansas City, MO)

Height: 5', 9"

Weight: 180 lbs.

Build: Average, slight belly

Head Hair: Red/brown and thinning

Facial Hair: (Sometimes) (On the chin and under the nose! It's been growing in white since I was 30. My vanity often compels me to color it in!)

Body Hair: In some places red/brown, more red in others (pubes)

Fresh air: Love it ~ quit smoking nearly 18 years ago. 11/7/97

Just before the annual Great Smoke-Out, November 11th.


Privates: Not very - I like to share them! Semi-cut foreskin, a few hairs shy of 8" L x 5"W. Large mushroom head.


Characteristics: Even tempered, moody, funny, stoic, deep, airy, selfish, giving, emotional, and cold. An Aquarian/Gemini combination, I'm a living contradiction ...no I'm not!

Professions: Singer, Actor, Writer, Artist... (He's a bum, f ' Pete's sake!)

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, acting, and singing! (Duh-uh!)

Favorite quotes:

1: "If your work is what you like to do, it's not a job!"

2: "If nothing good comes out of your mouth, put something good into it, ...like Daddy!"

3: "Don't blow,...suck!"

Best Times: When something makes me laugh out loud! Also: When I'm telling you what to do and you do it! And when you're doing what I like you to do and I don't have to tell you!

Worse times: When you start telling me what to do, and then I have to tell you to go home!

Favorite Sex Fantasy: Raping the drunken, sleeping, male virgin, orally and anally. (Finding the virgin makes it the fantasy, the rest cums naturally !!)

Kinks: Raping drunken, male virgins.

Fantasy wishes: Learning hypnosis; power of invisibility!

Fetishes: Leather and sock fetishes. Boots of all kind. The feel and smell of leather jackets, vests, chaps, jocks and all the rest. And , yep, I admit it, I have a real passive, passion for socked feet. Like to sniff and be sniffed. Not into really raunchy odors, though.

Favorite Socks: gray wool or heavy cotton, lumberjack type. Otherwise, white sweats, black cotton and so on.

Into socks?

Check out my Sox Art page and Sox Stories page!


I'm usually happy-go-lucky and enjoy meeting unique people. My alcohol preference is beer or bourbon and coke.  I'm a non-smoker as of November 7, 1997. Though I've become less tolerant regarding the smell of tobacco, I am not judgmental if others still smoke. I hated those "re-born" converts when I did smoke, so I won't be one now. That is not to say that I don't worry about my friends and family who still do smoke.

I was born February 10th. I'm not listed in any major stores, so you're welcome to get me anything cheap, or a BJ works just as well!


I understand that I'm an under an Aquarius Sun and a Gemini Moon and Rising, but who believes that stuff? I began life as true child of Brooklyn, New York, active, opinionated, and immodest. Boy, did I love showing off! I learned about male to male sex from my father, brother and a couple of close cousins. I've been out of the closet since I was sixteen years old.

A Man of Letters:

The truth be known, I do like to write. I've written a dozen children's stories over the years for my nieces and nephews and for their children as well. I've pages and pages of prose & poetry, mostly humorous, but those are not at this website.

I also enjoy writing erotic, gay fiction. Those ARE at this website. (Stories I Could Tell You)

I've written three erotic, gay novellas - a murder mystery, "Murder for a Prophet", "Land O' Goshen" and a sci-fi, erotic fiction story, "The B'anati" -plus several short erotic fantasies. . "The B'anati" and "Land O' Goshen" are available for free at this website!





DADDY - 2013



And, yes, now and then I do use "Just for Men" color products for hair, beard and mustache. (My beard and mustache started coming in white when I was in my early 30s.)










It's been impossible to keep putting updates at Google, Tumblr and other sites as they keep shutting them down, so I'm adding a new page to my website.

At the beginning of each month, a new list of updates to my website will be posted. This should help you find the latest additions to my website. I hope you like what you see!!


*Hint: As you go through the page, I strongly suggest that when you click on a link, have it open on another tab so you won't have to go back and forth.


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If you find a posting or message from Daddy offensive, inappropriate, or disruptive, please ignore it...

If you don't know how to ignore a posting, complain to me and I will be only too happy to demonstrate ...






He's since moved away and married, but Chris was my number one son for many years!

Click his photo to see his hot pix!



The new pages for Daddys & Sons ~ Older/Younger Men's photos and toons.

This page contains photo and artwork images of  young and older men and erotic relationships between the two. If you find this subject objectionable, I suggest you move on to another page or another site!

The pages at Daddy's Men & Boyz, also contains photos and artwork images of  young and older men and erotic relationships between the two. If you find this subject objectionable, I suggest you move on to another page or another site!

Collection of


These are erotic, animated gifs that I've received via the Internet and/or email!

Got similar, short videos you'd like to share? Send them to me and I'll place them here!

They MUST be animated gifs or bitmaps, NOT full length videos.



(What I will NOT post)

female genitalia or heterosexual interaction




(All the artwork, logos, and icons (indicated with ©) on my pages are copyright protected and were created by me and may not be used by anyone else without express permission from me or from Artistic Affairs© )

Computer Graphics ~ Portrait Artwork




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Stories I Could Tell You

(Gay erotic fiction: Short stories available now!)




You can read the whole novella by clicking on the title,

or the two sample chapters below, by going to




This novella contains violence and forced sexual acts upon minors.

The perpetrators are punished for their behavior, still, if you find this offensive, do NOT read it!

My Erotic Sci-Fi Novella


This novella contains violence and forced sexual acts upon minors. The perpetrators are punished for their behavior, still, if you find this offensive, do NOT read it!


or just check out the sample chapter below, by going to



THE B'ANATI ~ Alternate Version

You can read the ALTERNATE version of the novella by clicking on the title above.

This version includes sex acts, both consensual and forced, however, all parties in this version are of legal age.


Multiple pages of erotic photos dedicated to guys who enjoy their socks fetish, in whichever way they choose ~ Top, Bottom or going Versatile.



This page is dedicated to my socks fetish!

Artwork by artists like Etienne, Stephen and more!!

All especially dedicated to the Sox Fetish!





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