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Artwork by Etienne (AKA Stephen) "Here Comes the Groom" series

The Bachelor Party

Mickey (Daddy) Ray

copyright 2008

***A reminder that "The Bachelor Party" is copyrighted and is the exclusive property of Mickey Ray, AKA "Daddy", of Artistic Affairs in Binghamton, NY. The author may be contacted by email at daddyshere@gmail.com.  "The Bachelor Party" may not be used, edited or altered, directly or indirectly, in part or in whole, for any commercial purposes without express permission from the author.


The content is adult, sexual reading material which is primarily homoerotic in nature, contains particular sexual fetishes and is meant for entertainment purposes only. The author takes no responsibility for illegal accessing of this material to minors. All characters are fictional and any similarities of names or personalities with real persons are purely coincidental. Today, things being what they are, the author neither approves nor condones unsafe sex. ~ Daddy



(This story is based on an actual event in my life.)

My distant cousin, Audrey, was getting married, I wasn't much into her family, but I was sure her future husband Jim, was well worth getting to know.


    The night before the wedding, most of us were celebrating early at my cousin Audrey's house. A winter storm had set in so we improvised a bachelor party for Jim, her fiancée. I was eighteen and on my first drunk, and feeling no pain. However, I was truly miserable being a horny gay guy at a straight party. There were, after all, a lot of good looking bachelors and married men there to drool over.


     The storm got worse, so when the party was over, all the unmarried men, including Jim, were double and triple stacked in various beds throughout the house.


     Jim was pretty crocked when they flopped him down on the queen-sized bed I was in, and even though I was fairly high, I pretended I was passed out while they removed his shirt, shoes and pants and put him under the covers. I was shaking just thinking about this handsome hunk lying next to me.


     I wouldn't be considered Chippendale dancer material, still, I'm no slouch. I'm 5',9, I've a tight varsity wrestler's body and plenty of muscle to go with it. I'm usually described as cute with my wavy red hair and slightly freckled pug nose.


     Jim was twenty-three, 6',2", Irish Catholic with jet black curly hair, classic model face, (you know, with those full lips, bright green eyes surrounded by black lashes, all on top of creamy pale smooth skin), and it was obvious, even in his clothes, that he worked out.



     My back was turned to him when everyone left the room. Heart racing in the dark, I lay quietly for what seemed hours. I knew I wasn't going to get any sleep as long as there was a chance I might at least touch him you know where.


     He moved quite suddenly onto his side, his face landing on the back of my neck. I could feel the warmth of his breath as he exhaled steadily and softly. Now what? I began to wonder, was he asleep or not? I could feel the bulge of his man muscle pressing lightly through his briefs against my butt. My own bulge grew considerably at this unexpected intimacy.


     I came to a decision. It was hot as hell in that room, so I gently removed the covers. Then I changed my position in bed by laying my head at the foot of the bed. (If anyone asked, it was on a pretense of being uncomfortable, or that Jim's snoring got to me, even though he barely made a sound.), I figured, if all that movement wouldn't stir him, he was either very drunk, slept soundly, or was into the same game as I was. He never moved.


     There I lie, the toes of his black cotton socks level with my forehead. Damn, he was tall!  I gently reached the crook of his knees and pulled them slightly forward towards my crotch while sliding down as far to the foot of the bed as I could. His feet were just beneath my chin now.


     My eyes were well adjusted to the little amount of light the moon filtered through the Venetian blinds and I could now see the soles of his thirteen inch socked feet as well as smell the sharp odor that clung there. Did I mention, I really dig socks? I don't know why I do, but I've stopped asking and just enjoy my fetish.


     Shyly, I lowered my nose to the bottom of his toes, sniffing cautiously and feeling my dick getting harder and harder. A quiet kiss. Another one. I opened my mouth and slipped it over his first three toes, sucking gently, the pungent sweat from his socks. Oh, God, this was great!


     I got so involved, I didn't realize his hands, which were cupped close to his knees, had somehow fallen smack into my crotch. I could feel their warmth against my growing hard-on in the confinement of my briefs. I carefully reached down to check out their position, and skillfully maneuvered my cock and balls out from the confines of my shorts, and placed my erect dick into the twining fingers of my, not-for-long, bachelor's left hand.


     It took all I could not to cum then and there. But I continued pushing my face against his black smelly socks, sniffing and kissing, while little by little, very carefully, I held his hand about my cock and manipulated it into jacking my cock up, down, back and forth.


     I couldn't believe it! I got this beautiful straight guy jacking me off while I'm making love to his big, black-socked feet. Still, that wasn't enough!


     I looked up to see where his head was and if his eyes were open. They were shut tight. His face was in easy reach of my left foot with just a slight bend of my knee.


     Moving my left leg boldly, like someone asleep, my ankle rested on his left shoulder, my bare foot just inches from his face. No reaction. I could feel his soft breath blowing across the pads of my toes as I stretched them slowly closer and closer to his mouth …to his nose. Touch!


     His lips were on my toes! I gently tapped his soft, full lips. No movement, just a soft snoring sound. Taking another long whiff of his socks, I tapped his mouth again and then rested my foot there, my big toe just below his nostrils.


     Suddenly, his full mouth twitched, opened and wow! He licked his lips! A thrill rushed through me as his tongue lapped against my foot. God, that felt good! Do it again, I prayed. After that, it was absolutely crazy!


     His hand came out of my grip and off my cock as he suddenly turned on his back He then grabbed hold of my foot in both hands, brought it to his mouth, and began to kiss and lick it, alternately sucking my toes like there was no tomorrow. All the while, when his mouth wasn't full, he was mumbling "Oh, babe, oh baby!" Thank heaven no one else shared our room!


     I was sure he was dreaming of, and making love to Audrey, as far as he was concerned, so I thought "Audrey" should do something nice for him.


     While he busily continued to engulf my toes with his mouth, I reached down and carefully pulled his flaccid cock and hairy balls from his shorts. I curled down, no easy task while your foot's in another man's mouth, and began light tonguing across the shaft of his cock. His tongue continued a pleasurable swirling in and out between my toes.


     His dick grew slowly, but mightily to a sturdy nine inch ramrod with an enormous rubbery, salty and tasty pre-cum dripping head. (Lucky Audrey!) The more I licked and sucked his cock, the more adamantly he licked and sucked at my foot. (Hmm, maybe Audrey and Jim have done this before?) His dick swelled and throbbed in my mouth. Even at the tender age of eighteen, I already had lots of experience at cock sucking and was giving Jim all I could give.


     I was near the breaking point, so I grabbed my own eight inches with my left hand and began jacking off. His cock got ever harder, and he started these funny mewling sounds vibrating against my foot. I knew he was read to blast, so I increased my rhythm and went up and down his entire cock! My lips meeting his crotch and the puddle of spit and pre-cum that washed the pubic hairs there.


     His legs began to spasm with the build up, and his hips rose up to shove his cock deep in my throat. He was cumming now! When he shot, two, three, four big blasts of his creamy and heavy load down my throat, I came too, some landing on the bed linens, on him and in my hand.


     I kept my mouth on his shrinking cock, not wasting a drop. As his hard-on ebbed, his attentions to my foot lessened with tender kisses of gratitude and affection for "Audrey's" suck job. Without a word, he released his hold on my foot, turned away, curled up, and went quietly to sleep. I stretched back down and laid back, my cheek against the soles of his warm black socks, gratified and amazed.


     I stayed there for another fifteen minutes or so, lying against his warm feet, reminiscing and sniffing myself to another erection and climax. Carefully I removed one of his socks and cleaned myself off with it. Tossing it under the bed, I'd let him worry what happened to his missing sock and why his cock and balls were hanging out of his shorts. After giving his feet one last kiss, I slid back to the head of the bed to avoid anyone's embarrassing questions in the morning.


     Did this really happen? Did he know? Was he really asleep? The following evening at the reception, I found out.


     We happened to be alone in the reception hall john when he looked over at me, grinned and winked. He said he'd hoped I'd be visiting soon after they got settled in, especially when Audrey goes full time to a nursing school in another city. It's pretty boring sitting alone in an empty house, he continued, and that I shouldn't worry about a place to crash as they have a very big bed and he was a very sound sleeper!


     He turned to leave, paused, grinned that impish grin of his, then reached into his tux pants' pocket and tossed me a well worn and cum-stained black cotton sock.


The End





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